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The Garter Girls are auditioning!

The Garter Girls are holding auditions on Jan 11th, 2014 from 11:15am-2pm at Fairytales screening space (#202, 351 – 11th AVE SW. Calgary, AB T2R 0C7).

If you would like to book an audition, please send a submission letter with the subject line “*Name* audition submission” to thegartergirlsinc@gmail.com. Please outline your experience and why you’d like to join The Garter Girls. Also please include any audition scheduling requests (ie. I am only available between 11:15am and 12:30pm.)

*Selected applicants must provide music on an ipod.
*Routines may not exceed 5min.
*Applicants are not required to strip down to pasties in the audition.

Please note: this audition will be attended by corps members of The Garter Girls. No one else other than the selected applicant and The Garter Girls will be allowed to enter the room during the applicant’s audition time. The Garter Girls do not guarantee to hire a new member based on these auditions.

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