Burlesque performers can’t dance around liquor commission’s nudity rule

“But five years ago, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission began cracking down on burlesque shows in Calgary, enforcing its nude entertainment rule that effectively lumps burlesque dancers in the same category as strippers when they perform in a licensed venue.”

-Trevor Howell

Calgary Herald

They have no intention of performing for minors — or baring all for their adult crowd, for that matter.

What local burlesque performers want is for the province to relax its nude entertainment policy that restricts how much skin dancers can show, how they interact on stage and what their audience can drink in their seats.

“We don’t want minors to see the show,” said Raven Virginia, a member of the Garter Girls burlesque troupe.

“We want adults to be able to make the consenting choice to witness the show since they’re 18-plus, allowed to vote, and of consenting age to have sex,” Virginia said. “They should be allowed to see a show worthy to view and also be allowed to consume liquor while doing it.”

While audience members are witness to a fair amount of skin and sexuality, burlesque typically includes heavy doses of dramatic and musical performances, as well…

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