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Raven Virginia wins MOST DAZZLING at 2015 Burlesque Hall of Fame!

Garter Girl Raven Virginia took home Alberta’s first trophy from the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas! We’re so proud of her.

She’s shared a few words of thanks on her Facebook wall, and we’d like to share them all with you!

Raven Virginia BHOF

Raven Virginia at the 2015 Burlesque Hall of Fame – Most Dazzling

I know I’m not well known so maybe a long thank you might be a bit overdone but I’m not good at social interactions so this might be my only chance to tell y’all that you’re pretty dear to me.
I had such an exceptional time at ‪#‎bhof‬ this year. It was my second time attending and performing and I can’t explain properly what this event means to me. As a straight up weirdo who struggled to fit in, being among fellow weirdos sure does make one feel accepted and loved. Not to mention watching and learning from people who have devoted their entire lives to it for decades! From finishing school to the showcases I was overcome with emotion and glee! Thank you Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend organizers and volunteers for all your hard work and a special thank you for organizing AA meetings for those in recovery. Those meetings were immensely helpful for me.
First I have to thank Miyuki Divine who dropped everything to rent a car and drive a looong time to get to Vegas with me. She wept like a baby when I got an award which only shows me how much she cares about my success. Friendships like that are few and far between.
I wouldn’t be able to do any of this traveling if it weren’t for my partner in life and love, Sven Björnsven who took care of our beautiful 4 year old son while I was away. He’s an incredible partner and Daddy I love him a whole lot!
Judith Stein, thank you for being our burly mama and for your continued support from afar. The occassional messages from you are really special and I’m thankful for our friendship.
A super duper congrats to all the Canadian performers this year! FromCherry OnTop‘s futuristic hip hop extravaganza to April O’Peel‘s unsettlingly hot affair with a mop to Ruthe Ordare‘s cultural, political and heartfelt art piece – Thursday night was full of moving and shaking work! What can I say about Judith – she brought down the house on Friday! And Saturday sawPastel Supernova showcase her unreal dancing skills and professionalism, The Cheesecake’s hilarious and unique group act, August Wild’s emotional and astonishly specific dance piece and Lola Danielle Frost‘s earth shatteringly sensual and passionate act in the Queen category. And thanks to ALL the Canadians in the audience who cheered for me including Bella Gold who came from Calgary for her first BHOF!
My god the debuts were spectacular this year. Everyone’s unique take on burlesque showcased their explosive talent and individualism. I am humbled to have been included in this group.
Special shout out to my debut sister Bunnie Buxomm who pounded that stage with her heart and soul. Thank you for being so kind to me and being my interview partner!
All the competitors were so wonderful this year and congrats to the winners!Zelia Rose, your tribute act is just fabulous. From the way you move your body to your detailed facial expression, you are the epitome of a star! Plus your mum is a doll (say hi to her and her cats for me)! Matt Finish, I’m so glad we got to chat. You are insanely talented and very kind which makes you the perfect ambassador for this art form! The Original Twins, Paris and Trojan (Danny) were also so welcoming and sweet and what a deserved win! When I saw Jenny Rocha and her Painted Ladies stretching with those costumes on I knew were in for something unlike anything we had seen before and they sure delivered! Ruby Joule Burlesque, thank you for kissing my trophy to your trophy – your class and grace is so effortless! Ginger Valentine‘s smooth and sexy purple number was simply perfect. Perle Noire‘s exuberant and impassioned act left me breathless – I feel like you shared your soul with us. And our new Queen TRIXIE LITTLE Beatrix – I know the whole community is thrilled that her imaginative and innovative burlesque has been validated with a big ass win! All hail the new Queen Trixie!
Alice Nelson – thank you for my nose and helping me discover my clown!
Misty Greer thank you for helping me follow through with my vision and making it even more magical! Becca Axis D’Evil, thank you for my hoop including the hilarious and huge prototype and the travel patch kit!
To my family, The Garter Girls and everyone who wished me well – it really truly made me feel warm and fuzzy and supported.

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