The Garter Girls Burlesque Booking Agency

The Garter Girls are now a burlesque booking agency within Calgary. We are no longer pursuing troupe-based performances, but are drawing on the many performers available in Calgary. We look forward to our new change! If you’d like to book The Garter Girls burlesque, you can contact us! We employ a variety of performers from all intersections of our art-form. Check out the performers we hire on our performer page!


For bookings and media inquiries please contact
Bea Lissima at:



5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi
    I was wondering if myself and a few friends could just sign up for one class (likely a saturday evening class) maybe a friday beginner one if we can get into the city early enough. Just wondering if we can sign up for just one class as we will be in the city for the weekend only 🙂 undecided, but either april 7, 8th… or april 14, 15th

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